From the recording The Love Songs of Scott Fagan

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Written with my beautiful departed writing partner Joe Kookoolis. This was "his" truth, "his" song. Arranged and produced by Frank Gorgo at the Beautiful Melody Place Studios, in PA, with the Scott Fagan Stateside Band and The Melody Place Singers.


The Greatest Love
Joe Kookoolis/ Scott Fagan
Scott Fagan Music, ASCAP
You lay with me Girl, in fields made of dirt and stone
We touched the heavens, and knew the great unknown
We Understand now, what we’re looking for
The Greatest Love, Nothing less and nothing more

Paint your own portrait; paint it deep and with soul
Don’t give up nothin’ your dreams will make you whole
We understand now, what we’re looking for,
The Greatest Love, nothing less and nothing more

People say that life’s not fair, nobody cares, you’ll never win
But I still care and you still care,
we won’t give up, we won’t give in

Ver 3
Tell me a story, neath the Moon and the Stars where love begins
God, Gold and Glory and the emptiness within..
We understand now, what we’re looking for
The Greatest Love nothing less and nothing More
Oh…The Greatest Love,(retard)…. nothing less… and nothing more…..