The Love Songs of Scott Fagan

Scott Fagan

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The Love Songs of Scott Fagan

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“The Love Songs of Scott Fagan”
Lilfish Records, St. Thomas Virgin Islands
“Through these many years, I have lovingly and painfully made this music, dreaming that someday, I might sing them for you.” 1. Annalee 2. The Greatest Love 3. Valeria 4. I Love Love 5. Aphrodite 6. If Wishes Wuz Fishes 7. A Hand To Hold 8. El Gringito 9. Mademoiselle 10. Where My Lover Has Gone 11. 20,000 Leagues In Love 12. Look For The Good In Goodbye 13. Surrender To The Sun 14. Sure Has Been Good Loving You Baby. * Special Preview recordings.. 15. The Theme from “Soon” and 16. Please Be Well The Theme from Soon and Please Be Well are special preview recordings from Scott Fagan’s Double Album Rock Opera ”SOON”. Please contact Thank you!

What People are saying about “The Love Songs Of Scott Fagan”… Sharyn Felder, (Daughter of Doc Pomus), NYC, “Anna Lee” stays with me all day. It is downright hypnotic, with haunting melody , lyrics and gorgeous vocals. It is no wonder that legendary songwriter Doc Pomus signed Scott Fagan the minute he heard him sing”.

Hugh Dellar, Music Journalist, London, Scott Fagan possesses one of the greatest unsung voices of our age: sonorous and soulful, and pitched somewhere between Scot Walker and David Bowie. On “The Greatest Love”, he shows he’s still more than able to hit emotionally expressive peaks; his vocal is as thick and rich and sweet as molasses, and tugs at the heartstrings from the very first line. A deep soul classic.

Alix Merritt, NYC on “Valeria” Great! Very rich, Erotic and energetic. Great work.

“Tutsie” Edwards, President, Lilfish Records, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, On “Valeria” “You just can’t help falling in Love with it, his phrasing is perfect”. On “If Wishes Wuz Fishes” “The story of life in a song”

Remi Boiteux Music Journalist, Paris, France. "Very typical of Scott's lyrical and melodic approach, making the most exquisite use of his voice, “If Wishes Wuz Fishes” is hope made sound., It's life against the world, a celebration of both great longing and the broken heart. this is what makes the light get through the cracks. After all these years, and now more than ever. Scott Fagan is definitely a voice you should listen to"

Daniele Tort, Superfan, Dublin, Ireland, In “A Hand To Hold” Scott boils it all down to the most simple, most essential – “A Hand To Hold” it’s the Gospel according to Scott."

Michel Ribes Paris, France, Brilliant!!I I think that “Mademoiselle” could be the first single.

JJ Kane, London, Well-crafted songwriting, rich and decadent timbre, it's perfect for radio play, I think “Aphrodite” as main track “Valeria” and “Greatest love”.

Jerry David DeCicca Artist / Producer, Austin, Texas Hearing Fagan plead the song "Surrender to the Sun" recalls baking on the beach, naked of SPF, until your soul and skin sizzle from a love you'll never know again. It's hot stuff, for sure.

Will Harding, Pennsylvania, USA, “SOON” is THE theme for the ages!

Alex Neilson Artist/Producer (Alex Rex) (Trembling Bells) Glasgow, Scotland, “Please Be Well” is a classic!”

Front Cover by Sonya Lietta Lopatic (Mind Over Matter Photography) Back Cover by Shari Brandt

The Love Songs Of Scott Fagan Album Credits.. The Songs: All songs Published by Scott Fagan Music (ASCAP) except Aphrodite, published by Into the Wind and Thousand Roads Music (SOCAN) and Soon and Please Be Well, Published by Sony Music (ASCAP) Annalee, (Scott Fagan/Johnny Cayenne) I Love Love, (Scott Fagan) El Gringito, (Scott Fagan) Produced by Scott Fagan and Dan Mguiness. St. Thomas V.I. Sure Has Been Good Loving You Baby (Scott Fagan/Joe Kookoolis) Produced by Scott Fagan and Jimmy Arnold. Lebanon, PA. Surrender To The Sun, (Scott Fagan/Susan Minsky) produced by Warren Schatz, NYC. Soon (Scott Fagan/Joe Kookoolis) and Please Be Well, (Scott Fagan/Joe Kookoolis) Produced by Scott Fagan, Rory Haye, Alicks Neilson and Luigi Pasquini, Glasgow, Scotland. The Greatest Love ((Scott Fagan/Joe Kookoolis) A Hand To Hold ((Scott Fagan) If Wishes Was Fishes ((Scott Fagan) 20,000 Leagues In Love ((Scott Fagan) Mademoiselle (Scott Fagan) Where My Lover Has Gone ((Scott Fagan) Look For The Good In Goodbye ((Scott Fagan) Valeria ((Scott Fagan) Aphrodite (Tim McCauley, Matthew McCauley, Scott Fagan) Produced by Frank Gorgo and Scott Fagan, at The Melody Place Studios, Jonestown Road. Harrisburg Pa.

The Musicians: In Alphabetical Order: Alicks Neilson, Barbara Vajda, Behn Lanzarone, Cliff Finch, Dickie Betts, Drew Washington, Frank Gorgo, Georgia Seddon, Jeff Medina, Jimmy Arnold, Kim Naddeo, Mike Hastings, Morgan Rael, Noah Althoff, Rafael Martinez, Richard Spencly, Robbie Roberts, Rory Haye, Scott Fagan, Tim Griesmer, Warren Schatz.

The Singers: Glasgow, Scotland, Scott Fagan, Rory Haye, Georgia Seddon, Valinia Black, Amy Cutler, Sofie, Mike Hastings, Alicks Neilson. St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, Scott Fagan, Vietta Hutchinson, Kareem Harrigan, Klint Constantine, Pennsylvania, USA, Scott Fagan, Frank Gorgo, Noah Althoff, Jessica Rife, Shari Brandt, Rebecca Saylor, Barbara Vajda, Stacey Dee Fitzgerald.

The Producers: Scotland Rory Haye, Alex Neilson, Scott Fagan. St Thomas, Scott Fagan, Dan McGuiness, New York, Warren Schatz, Scott Fagan. Pennsylvania, Frank Gorgo, Jimmy Arnold, Scott Fagan.

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